Tuesday, January 25, 2011

3 Tips on preventing dry skin

Dr. Reginald Henry of Sentara Dermatology has this advice about keeping your skin moist during the winter. Henry recently participated in a web chat on the topic of healthy skin.

Long, Hot Showers & Baths are culprits in drying out skin.
Prolonged exposure to water -- especially hot water -- can wash away the natural oils that protect your skin. If you get out of the bath or shower and your skin feels tight, it's dried out.
1. WASH LESS: Try to limit showers to a few minutes, skip the hot water, and unless you are really dirty, there is no need to shower every day.
2. MOISTURIZE: You might want to apply a BATH oil to your skin while it is still wet. Afterward, pat your body dry with a towel -- rather than vigorously rubbing it -- and put on a moisturizer right away. This is called the SOAK and GREASE method. It traps water in the skin.
3. WASH HANDS LESS: This idea is also applied to dry hands. Minimize the handwashing, and moisturize afterwards, to prevent the dry cracking.

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