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Urine Color Yellow Like Tea

Urine Color Yellow Like Tea - The color of normal urine is bright yellow, the color is caused by the substance called bilirubin, if dark yellow urine, such as water tea, have suspected there was interference with the metabolism of bilirubin. This condition is called jaundice is a state in which the levels of bilirubin in the blood rises above normal levels.

This condition is characterized by a yellowing of skin color, white eye (sclera) yellow, and brown urine earlier. Can also like the tea-colored urine while drinking lots of water, this situation usually occurs due to excessive carotene consumed substances (most of these substances contained in tomatoes and carrots), the skin can also be yellowing but to distinguish it with jaundice can see the whites of her eyes (sclera ), because the whites of her eyes remain white. The yellow color can also be due to somewhat older taking vitamin B complex, but rather bright yellow and younger than the jaundice.

Increased levels of bilirubin can be caused by increased production (in cases where the solution of red blood cells or erytrocite excessive), the presence of liver dysfunction, and impaired bilirubin expenditure. The cause of most of the liver function disorders such as hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, fatty liver, liver cancer, and other disorders. Another cause is a blockage in the bile duct (either by stone or tumor), so that the bilirubin can not go out and lead to increased levels of bilirubin.

Hepatitis is the most common cause jaundice. Hepatitis itself is a state of inflammation of the liver that can be caused by many things. For example, viral infection, drug intoxication, and alcohol. This inflammation makes the liver function decreases, and one result is jaundice.

Symptoms of hepatitis include:

Nausea, vomiting, weakness, lethargy, and sometimes there is fever, decreased appetite, pain in the pit of the stomach right above, also of symptoms that have been mentioned above was the color of urine, such as tea, yellowish skin and whites of the eyes.

But in certain circumstances is not accompanied by jaundice or hepatitis symptoms earlier, this is more dangerous because it is difficult to know the symptoms.

To ensure that can be sent bilirubin levels, liver function tests (SGOT/SGPT), and in certain circumstances required an ultrasound examination. Treatment of hepatitis intended to restore impaired heart function. So patients should maintain body condition for not too tired, eat regular, adequate rest for the immune system strong enough to prevent infection by the virus. Some drugs commonly used are Hepasil, Curcuma, Mobile Pro, Methicol, Lesichol, etc..

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