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Menstrual Pain in a long time

Menstrual Pain in a long time - For every woman who is growing up will definitely experience menstruation which is characterized by discharge of blood due entirely mucous membrane of the uterus, this is a natural process that is always repeated by the cycle. Menstruation is often followed by symptoms of lower abdominal pain, sore waist, aching throughout the body, lethargy, nausea, sometimes vomiting. Usually these symptoms appear on the first or second day of menstruation. These symptoms often interfere although this naturally occurs in every woman.

There are things that need to be observed when there are additional other symptoms that could indicate a particular disease or disorder. Usually additional other symptoms to watch is when your period was long and accompanied by bleeding a lot. If any of these symptoms will usually be accompanied by an unusual pain.

Normal menstruation is between 10-12 days, when menstruation is longer than usually called Hypermenorrhea, contrary menstrual bit (just a drop-drop) and the time was less than normal is called hypomenorrhea, this condition is often associated with fertility, because there may be infertile (can not have kids), then the amount of blood that came out normal day between 15-50 cc. If blood comes out beyond usual, will be felt by the woman, especially when up to 80 cc or more.

Severe pain during menstruation or called dysmenorrhea is pain felt in the lower abdomen at the time before, during and after menstruation. Many times a woman experiencing these symptoms at the time of menstruation and making should rest for a few hours or even can not work.

Is dysmenorrhea normal?

Actually dysmenorrhea is still reasonable if infrequent or only occasionally, so it is important to note here is the intensity.
To relieve it can usually be overcome by taking an analgesic (pain reliever).

To note or to watch out for is if the dysmenorrhea was also accompanied by blood came out very much, and going beyond the normal time and place repeatedly. There may be abnormalities in the organ abortion.

Abnormalities of the content of these organs can vary due to chronic infection, endometriosis, myoma, cervical polyp, erosion, sarcomas, or can no malignancy in the cervix (cervical ca.) For women who use family planning type of injection, usually will experience irregular menstruation as well, blood can come out a lot and can exceed the normal time, even a month continuous period, is caused by unstable hormone injections before the influence of family planning. So when experiencing abnormal symptoms as described above should be checked by a gynecologist.

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