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Get All Benefits of Vitamin A

Get All Benefits of Vitamin A - Not only good for health, but vitamin A has been made you are sure to always eat them. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient, especially in the process of therapy and treatment is crucial for prevention and treatment of malnutrition syndrome. Vitamins are also known as retinol is believed to give a positive effect and increase the growth and immunity or immunity.

This type of vitamin is also keeping mucous cells or mucous and skin stay healthy. When the mucous membranes moist and resistant to damage cells, the immune awake. Conversely the lack of moisture on the mucous membranes will facilitate an infection in the body.
Tues mucous membrane is very important in cancer prevention. Vitamin A is anti cancer for suppressing the growth of "the DNA of cancer cells. " The presence of vitamins also reduce the risk of tumor growth in a mature and prevent cancer cells from dividing lukemia.

Not only that, Vitamin A, particularly very helpful in curing diseases caused by viruses. A virus that attacks the respiratory system, measles, even the AIDS virus, became inert when in the neighborhood there are sufficient amounts of vitamin A.

Patients with diseases originating from the virus often have low levels of Vitamin A in the blood. Intake the correct amount is required the patient to build the body's defense, which eventually led to faster healing process. However, large doses of vitamin A should be done under the supervision of a physician.

Another good news, this vitamin also plays an important role to prevent stroke. It is advisable to increase intake of vitamin A through the fruits and vegetables every day.

For patients with dry eye syndrome owner, the easiest therapy is also not far from vitamin A. Dry eye occurs when the formation of tears and lubrication stops. This condition makes one incredible uncomfortable.

Droplets of vitamin A is highly recommended for this case, because the clinical trials prove eye drops containing vitamin A to increase moisture and function of cells in the eye. Still related to the eye, this vitamin is also capable of improving night vision and help eyes adjust to changes in lighting.

Vitamin A is also believed to be the way out is promising for the prevention and treatment of skin cancer, especially if taken orally. Vitamin a is also very helpful in the treatment of skin pigmentation that is often seen in aging skin.

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