Friday, January 14, 2011

Main Cause Male Baldness | Hair health

Male pattern baldness is often associated with reduced testosterone. In the latest study, revealed that the main cause of baldness is a disturbance in the function of stem cells (stem cells) that make new hair.

The team of American researchers in the Journal of Clinical Investigation said the new hair is produced is very small, not visible to the naked eye. As a result, the scalp will be visible point of baldness or hair-line retreat.

Although the bald area has the same number of stem cells with the no bald scalp, a few mature cell. These cells called progenitor cells. This means that hair follicles in the bald area is hidden. The new hair growth was just visible under a microscope, they are much smaller.

"This indicates there is a problem in the activation of stem cells to alter the cells in the progenitor of a bald scalp. The fact that the number of stem cells normally give her hope that the cells can be activated so that hair can grow," says Dr.George Cotsarelis.

He and his team now plans to create a hair cream that can be used to induce stem cells to grow normal hair. We just wait the next discovery.

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