Saturday, January 1, 2011

Which is Better, Morning Sport or Evening

Morning Sport or Evening - For people who want to live healthy, of course you like sports. However, whichever sport you like, exercise at night or exercise in the morning. On this, there is a difference people's views, among them there are who prefer to exercise at night for warmth sleep, and some who prefer to exercise in the morning.
Chris Freytag, author of Shortcuts to Big Weight Loss and Move to Lose says, that he would recommend to see our own body system. According to him, if you're not the type that discipline to get up in the morning and keep their promises to get up early, then early exercise is not for you. Conversely, if you are easily distracted attention in the mid-day before the night and often overtime, it is advisable to exercise in the morning.

There are several studies that measure the effectiveness of exercise in the second time. Some scientists believe, the best time to exercise it in between the hours of 14:00 to 18:00, while body temperature was highest, muscle weakness, and flexibility of the body reaches its peak. Studies in Mollen Clinic, reported that after 1 year, 75 percent of people who exercise in the morning will continue to do the exercise, while exercise at night only 25 percent who continue to do it.

Freytag advice is still to see the time and your body's own system to determine when the best time for you to exercise. Essentially, whether you exercise 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes at lunchtime, or 20 minutes before sleep, it means you successfully exercising 20 minutes a day, this was better than you do not exercise.

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